The latest thinking on cryptography, quantum-driven security and the Internet of Things.

How to Separate your Cryptographic Keys

By Amit Deo, PhD, and Senior Cryptography Researcher at Crypto Quantique. We look at one of the most prominent principles in cryptographic design, the…

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The True Cost of IoT Insecurity

A panel hosted by PSA Certified discuss the true cost of insecurity. We summed up the main points made by the experts.

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What is Matter?

By Amit Deo, PhD, and Senior Cryptography Researcher at Crypto Quantique. A brief overview of the Matter communications standard and the security-centric…

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Complicated Notions of Security

What are the common notions surrounding cryptography, and how can we demystify them? By Cryptographic Researcher, Charlie Grover, PhD

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The Potential to Disrupt Emerging Technologies – Interview with Shahram Mossayebi

Cybernews recently interviewed our CEO Shahram Mossayebi on the potential disruptions that the IoT industry is facing

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The PSA Certified 2022 Security Report

Over 1000 Industry Leaders Agree 2022 will be Critical for IoT Security. Learn more about the role Security will play in business in 2022.

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Extracting Cryptographic Keys From Fuzzy Sources

By Amit Deo, PhD and Senior Cryptography Researcher. Amit takes us through methods for extracting cryptographic keys from fuzzy sources.

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What is a Random Number?

Charlie Grover, PhD and Cryptographer at Crypto Quantique, explains what a random number really is, and is it truly random?

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The Importance of Authentication

By Charlie Grover, PhD, Cryptography Researcher for Crypto Quantique

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How to use Fingerprints for Cryptography

Amit Deo, PhD and Senior Cryptography Researcher at Crypto Quantique, explains the benefits and drawbacks of PUF authentication.

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A step-by-step guide to achieving fast, secure IoT connectivity and device lifecycle management

Cybersecurity expert Chris Jones explains the process

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Securing the Internet of Things in a Quantum World

The threat to IoT security posed by quantum computing and how it can be alleviated

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