Our embedded and cloud SaaS platform provides companies with unrivaled tools to provide secure connectivity for IoT devices. Perform complex tasks such as secure provisioning, onboarding to the cloud, and lifecycle management of devices with ease in a zero-trust environment.

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What is QuarkLink™?

QuarkLink is our software-based IoT security platform that securely connects IoT devices to server-hosted apps on-premises or in the cloud. QuarkLink uses advanced cryptography techniques to integrate with any root-of-trust for end-to-end security across every IoT device.

QuarkLink effectively secures your IoT system, and combined with QDID, it offers the highest standard of security available.

Get started today for free with QuarkLink Ignite

Unlike other IoT security platforms that need a large license fee to get access, you can access QuarkLink today, for free.

Learn about all the stages of security for free
Whether you’re deciding what tool to use in your flow, or just trying to understand how to be more secure, you can connect up to 50 devices with QuarkLink Ignite to test your systems in a zero-cost way.

Test OTA updates
Update and test your firmware before deploying to all your devices currently provisioned. Check for errors and troubleshoot on one dashboard.

Popular hardware support
QuarkLink Ignite supports the popular ESP32 hardware modules that are found in the M5Stack and many Arduino boards.

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A laptop with the Quarklink application dashboard on the screen

From testing, to enterprise level projects

QuarkLink enables you to test connecting devices and learning about security with QuarkLink Ignite and can also integrate with your hardware root-of-trust to make provisioning, onboarding and security management of IoT devices fast and easy with QuarkLink Enterprise.


Inject firmware securely, enable secure boot processes, and generate device identities and cryptographic keys in a complete system.


Generate and distribute certificates and create secure TLS connections between devices and IoT hubs. Onboard thousands of devices in minutes.


From handling secure updates to controlling the whole key and certificate lifecycle, manage IoT device security effortlessly.

Provisioning IoT devices

QuarkLink injects firmware into IoT devices, bypassing the security risks of third parties and HSMs (hardware security modules).

At the programming stage, semiconductors are injected with a firmware image. QuarkLink encrypts and signs this firmware so that only the IoT device can decrypt it. Secure boot sequences can be enabled to work inside the IoT device.

Devices that don’t have an established identity can generate their own using QuarkLink and a root-of-trust. Neither cryptographic keys nor identities leave the device for ultimate security.

This leads to substantial cost reductions for delivering IoT devices as QuarkLink avoids secure provisioning expenses from HSMs and secure key distribution.

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Onboarding IoT devices

Once devices are configured and identified, QuarkLink authenticates them and provides certificates and credentials for secure onboarding.

QuarkLink defines device batches within an IoT system, assigns each batch a server policy, and links it with a chosen cloud account and its privileges. Each device’s identity is imported to QuarkLink, which enables mutual authentication between QuarkLink and the device.

With IoT devices connected to your server, QuarkLink can manage their security status. You can onboard thousands of devices to multiple servers in minutes with just one click.

QuarkLink connects to all major IoT hubs, including AWS, Azure, Mosquito and others, and is equally able to work with private clouds or other services.

A woman in a lab coat and gloves working on a laptop

Managing IoT devices

System owners manage their IoT devices with QuarkLink’s simple interface.

QuarkLink makes it possible to assess risks and carry out security procedures across IoT devices – no cryptographic expertise necessary.

System owners manage the whole key lifecycle, from renewal to revocation. Firmware signing and encryption is managed with over the air (OTA) updates.

QuarkLink can monitor a device’s firmware integrity to detect compromises or cyberattacks. In such a case, it can unlink a device from its system, disconnect it from servers and revoke its keys. And if a device changes ownership, it can be re-onboarded easily.

A man holding a laptop server room
Easy for end user
Easy for the end-user

You don’t need to be a cryptography expert to use QuarkLink. Control and monitor your IoT security from an intuitive user interface of simple menus and action buttons.

Key life cycle
Private key lifecycle

Generate, renew and revoke certificates entirely within QuarkLink. Keys also never leave the device and you don’t need HSMs or third parties for injection or other handling. QuarkLink is a comprehensive IoT security system.

Plug and play
Versatile integration

QuarkLink integrates with any root-of-trust as a security management layer. Once set up, onboarding and key management is fast and easy for system owners to use.

Zero touch
Zero-touch, zero fuss

Automated processes mean no manual intervention or complex security workarounds. Managing devices through an intuitive interface makes it easy for users to handle security themselves.

See QuarkLink in action

Discover how our universal IoT security platform could transform your IoT ecosystem.

QuarkLink integrates with any root-of-trust, both hardware and software, so that many kinds of IoT devices can receive end-to-end security.

Semiconductor manufacturers such as Renesas use QuarkLink to provide their customers more control over their device security. Talk to one of our security experts for how we can help you.

Quantum tunnelling effect

QuarkLink Ignite

Simple, free and offers the full power of QuarkLink at zero-cost. Learn the basics of IoT security with QuarkLink Ignite. For engineering teams/individuals to learn about or get started with secure connectivity and test their devices.

Connect up to 50 devices

Using 1 device security policy you can connect up to 50 devices using QuarkLink Ignite. Enough to test your devices with our system.

Hardware software
Choose between popular cloud providers

Choose one IoT cloud application from: MQTT, MongoDB, AWS IoT Core, Azure IoT Central, Azure IoT Hub​.

Key life cycle
Documentation and video guides for every step

You’ll have a get started guide to ensure you can understand the steps and get the most out of QuarkLink Ignite.

Easy for end user
Embedded client library and sample code hosted on GitHub​

Get the files you need when you need them on our GitHub.

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QuarkLink Ignite is a completely free SaaS product that allows a user to experience the full power of QuarkLink without having to invest anything but their time.

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The opportunity of advanced IoT security

When combined with a hardware root-of-trust, QuarkLink eliminates the need for third party key injection. QuarkLink is its own enclosed system that enables on-demand key and certificate management for IoT devices.

Self-contained key generation (provided by a hardware root-of-trust) and IoT device management open up new opportunities for IoT devices to scale and innovate. What’s more, everyone in the IoT device value chain, from chip to cloud, gets peace of mind from easy end-to-end security.

A machine with a robotic arm

QuarkLink is part of Q:Architecture™

Great IoT security is using QuarkLink with your given hardware root-of-trust.

But the best IoT security uses QuarkLink with QDID™ to secure devices at the highest standard.

QuarkLink is the software complement to its sister hardware, QDID. Both solutions together form Q:Architecture, the fully integrated chip-to-cloud security architecture for your IoT devices.

Discover Q:Architecture     More about QDID

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Scalable IoT Security is here

Integrate QuarkLink into your existing IoT network and onboard devices in minutes.
Talk to one of our security experts to discover how we can help you.

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