Scalable IoT security from chip to cloud

Crypto Quantique’s easy-to-use, unbeatable, end-to-end security architecture unlocks scalability for IoT devices.

How to scale IoT security

Discover the quantum-driven architecture for easy-to-use, end-to-end IoT security

By harnessing quantum tunnelling and cryptographic techniques, we’ve developed Q:Architecture™, our patented security architecture made up of two components.

  • QDID™ — a quantum-driven hardware root-of-trust that generates unique, unforgeable identities and cryptographic keys on demand.
  • QuarkLink™ — a universal IoT security platform that lets device owners manage their IoT ecosystem security with ease.

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High security IoT just got commercial

We’ve solved the IoT industry’s trade-off between settling for increased security or increased scalability. Now you can have both cost-effectively.

Quantum-driven security adds value across the IoT device supply chain, from chip designer to device manufacturer to system owner.

Save on costs, scale device ecosystems and go to market faster with QDID and QuarkLink. Together they enable key generation and device authentication as well as easy provisioning, onboarding and security management (no expertise needed) to deliver end-to-end IoT security.

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Why Crypto Quantique?

It’s our mission to enable seamless end-to-end security for the Internet of Things. We provide the unforgeable hardware root-of-trust and the IoT security management platform that deliver both security and scalability.

Other IoT security solutions are not futureproof. The new era of IoT security is quantum-driven. Our architecture delivers the increased security that unlocks scalability, opens up revenue opportunities from devices, and protects them from the potential risks of a post-quantum future.

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Andes Technology and Crypto Quantique in global partnership to deliver the ultimate RISC-V IoT device security

Andes Technology is a leading supplier of high-performance/low-power 32/64-bit embedded processor IP solutions based on RISC-V.

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Crypto Quantique and BT Labs demonstrate novel IoT security, retrofitting a model smart-factory and exploring new applications

BT recently successfully retrofitted a model smart factory using QDID hardware and the QuarkLink software platform.

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Crypto Quantique joins STMicroelectronics Partner Program to cut customer time-to-market for secure IoT network implementation

Brings secure provisioning, onboarding, and management to IoT devices built upon STM32 MCUs and STSAFE secure elements.

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Quantum-driven security helps you protect and scale your IoT device networks.

Many companies trust us to secure their customers’ IoT devices — we can protect yours too.

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