Secure your industrial devices today

Streamlined security solution for industrial devices that meets the EU’s Cyber Resilience Act regulations, and enables fast and efficient CE Mark certification.

QuarkLink is an IoT cybersecurity solution.

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CE Mark Compliance

QuarkLink lets IoT OEMs quickly and cost-effectively meet security standards required by the EU’s Cyber Resilience Act (CRA).

QuarkLink embeds and simplifies the cryptography needed to meet the CRA’s individual device trust requirements.

Find out more: Download Guide to CRA

Why QuarkLink?

Secure Provisioning

Device provisioning is the process of setting up physical or virtual hardware; installing and configuring software, such as the operating system and applications; and connecting it to middleware, network, and storage components. Provisioning can encompass all the operations needed to create a new machine and bring it to the desired state.

Secure Boot

CPU-level management of cryptographic key generation that reliably enables secure boot. Ensuring the device runs trusted software at its inception, and no malicious software can be installed, even with physical access. Secure boot enables features such as secure provisioning and attestation.

OTA Updates

Over-The-Air (OTA) updates are a software management technology in which the updates to a connected device are wirelessly delivered by its manufacturer. This could include firmware, security updates or configuration changes.

Fast and cost-effective

Avoid the time-consuming, costly and high-risk in-house implementation of security. QuarkLink’s SDK and Cloud are tailored to the needs of IoT OEMs, making implementation fast and reliable.

QuarkLink streamlines the complex and error-prone process of embedding certificates onto devices, a requirement set by CRA for establishing trusted device identities

Minimize impact on BOM

By bundling a complete set of security tools into one solution, QuarkLink minimises increases to cost when implementing CRA compliance security.

QuarkLink’s solution is 10-15x less expensive than issuing certificates using a custom workflow using Amazon AWS’ private certificate authority.

Intel ignite Backs QuarkLink to Deliver CRA Compliance

Crypto Quantique’s unique combination of technologies from silicon root of trust to secure endpoint provisioning and management is a solid foundation that enables a trusted, upgradable and maintainable network of devices and should be a strong consideration for anyone deploying and managing IoT networks at scale.

Kevin Crain, CTO, Intel ignite

A world-class ecosystem of trust

At Crypto Quantique, we believe in the power of strategic alliances and the remarkable outcomes that arise from working together. We are passionate about building meaningful connections with organisations, businesses, and individuals who share our vision and values. We aim to amplify our impact, expand our reach, and foster innovation through partnerships. Don’t take our word for it, check out our partnerships below.

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Security, for every device.

Enjoy broad compatibility and flexibility with QuarkLink, designed to integrate seamlessly with your preferred technologies:

  • Supported Hardware: QuarkLink seamlessly integrates with a comprehensive suite of hardware, including powerful MCUs, versatile MPUs, robust CPUs, security-focused TPMs, and reliable Secure Elements.
  • Supported Software: Leverage the power of your preferred operating system – QuarkLink offers robust support for both RTOS and Linux environments.

Connect securely, your way.

Achieve seamless connectivity and data security within your existing infrastructure. QuarkLink offers robust support for various communication protocols, ensuring secure data transmission across your chosen network.

  • Secure Communication: QuarkLink empowers secure data transmission by supporting a wide range of communication protocols, including Cellular, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and Ethernet. Leverage your preferred network infrastructure while QuarkLink safeguards the data flowing through it.

Use Cases

Protecting Edge AI Using QuarkLink

In a world where AI is reshaping how we work and interact, companies are investing heavily in bespoke AI models, turning unique intellectual property into ground breaking tools. This process, however, necessitates connecting edge devices and sharing proprietary data for model training, posing significant security challenges. How can companies protect their edge devices and proprietary data? And crucially, how can they ensure that their AI models do not end up running on a competitor’s device? Our solution offers a comprehensive answer to these questions, safeguarding your edge AI ecosystem.

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Securing Industrial IoT Devices using QuarkLink

Navigating the complex landscape of Industry 4.0, companies face the daunting task of managing and provisioning an ever-expanding array of embedded devices and Industrial PCs (IPCs). These critical components and control hubs are at the heart of intelligent machines and systems, demanding sophisticated management that traditional IT infrastructures struggle to provide. The rapid pace of deployment, diverse device protocols, and the paramount importance of security—especially given the physical accessibility of these devices in situ—pose significant challenges.

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