QuarkLink™ TrialPack

The best way to learn how easy it can be to onboard devices to a cloud service provider, and manage those devices for their lifetime.

What is QuarkLink™ TrialPack?

QuarkLink TrialPack is a packaged set of equipment for a user to experience a 30 day trial of QuarkLink, and experience the benefits of having QuarkLink in their workflow.

QuarkLink TrialPack enables the onboarding, and management of virtual IoT devices via a simple, intuitive graphical user interface (GUI). No specialist expertise is needed to deploy and use the platform. The functions of device identification based on digital certificates, encryption, and Public Key Infrastructure (PKI), are all largely automated and run in the background.

Through QuarkLink TrialPack you can experience how easy it is to onboard tens of thousands of devices to AWS within minutes. The GUI will allow you to monitor those devices and quickly and seamlessly renew or revoke their certificates.  QuarkLink also has a signing capability to support secure firmware downloads and over-the-air updates.

The QuarkLink TrialPack version facilitates the creation and configuration of custom security policies. Virtual devices can be created and deployed across the globe to simulate a real-world scenario. Certificates can be viewed, enrolment and onboarding monitored in real time, and MQTT messages (the standard IoT protocol) tracked.

What’s included?

What do you get in the package of your Quarklink TrialPack?

30-Day Free Trial of QuarkLink

You get access to a QuarkLink license for 30-days while you evaluate QuarkLink features and functionality.

Hardware software
M5Stack AWS IoT Dev Kit

We’ll send you a free M5Stack AWS IoT Development kit to visually test QuarkLink onboarding and device management and firmware updates

Key life cycle
Documentation for Every Step

You’ll have a get started guide to ensure you can understand the steps and get the most out of QuarkLink TrialPack.

Easy for end user
Round the Clock Support

We’ll be here to help whenever you need it.


Visually see changes as you make them with the M5Stack AWS IoT Development Kit.

As part of the QuarkLink TrialPack you will receive an M5Stack AWS IoT Development kit. The main unit is equipped with a 2.0-inch capacitive touch screen that provides a smooth and responsive interface. The kit includes:

  • 1x M5Stack Core2
  • 1x Type-C USB (50cm)
  • 1x HEX KEY
A device with a black screen and a yellow box with a black wire

Get your hands on a QuarkLink TrialPack?

Apply below after reviewing our terms and conditions.

Terms and conditions for the QuarkLink TrialPack.

  1. Crypto Quantique will assess your application for a QuarkLink TrialPack and decide whether or not you and your company are a suitable candidate for a trial. This may be influenced by:
    1. Your company
    2. Your companies size
    3. Your geographical location (the TrialPack is currently only available in EMEA, North America and Taiwan)
  2. The QuarkLink TrialPack comes with a prepaid envelop to return the hardware once the trial is finished. Crypto Quantique reserves the right to charge for any hardware that is not returned at the end of the trial period.
  3. During the trial period, you will receive regular updates from our team to assess how the trial is progressing. Your email will be used for this in accordance with our GDPR policy.
  4. There is no obligation to purchase a QuarkLink license after the trial period has ended, but your access to the platform will be revoked after 30 days.

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