IoT security platform delivers fast, comprehensive connectivity and device management for any root-of-trust

How an IoT security management platform can be used with a variety of roots-of-trust


LONDON, February 1st, 2021 – Crypto Quantique, a specialist in quantum-driven cybersecurity for the internet of things (IoT), is to make its universal IoT security platform, QuarkLink, available to semiconductor manufacturers and systems integrators that use root-of-trust (RoT) solutions of their own, or those sourced from other vendors. The platform was originally designed to work with Crypto Quantique’s own quantum-derived root-of-trust IP, called QDID.

The QuarkLink platform’s capabilities are far more comprehensive than typical key management services. QuarkLink handles provisioning, including secure firmware and cryptographic keys, automated secure onboarding, and security monitoring, including firmware encryption, signing and secure updates over-the-air, and certificate and key renewal and revocation. With some RoTs, including QDID, QuarkLink eliminates the need for hardware security modules (HSMs) and key injection, saving cost and time, while increasing security.

QuarkLink can be set up in minutes by engineers without specialist IoT security knowledge. End-point devices are then connected to servers through cryptographic APIs, using just a few keystrokes to initiate an automated process capable of onboarding thousands of devices in seconds to a server platform, or to multiple platforms simultaneously. AWS, Microsoft and Mosquito are among the cloud services currently supported; more are following.

“Making QuarkLink available for use with root-of-trust solutions other than our own enables engineers to rapidly and securely scale IoT deployments for their existing devices. It also creates a seamless path for upgrading to our own unforgeable root-of-trust IP, QDID, in future designs,” said Crypto Quantique’s CEO, Shahram Mossayebi.

QDID generates random, unforgeable cryptographic keys on-demand in silicon by measuring the quantum effects in chips manufactured on standard CMOS processes.

QuarkLink enables secure chip-to-cloud connectivity at scale with just a few keystrokes.
About Crypto Quantique

Crypto Quantique has created the world’s most secure end-to-end IoT security platform. At its heart is the world’s first quantum-driven semiconductor hardware IP, called QDID, that generates multiple, unique, unforgeable cryptographic keys for devices manufactured using standard CMOS processes. The keys do not need to be stored and can be used independently by multiple applications on demand. When combined with cryptographic APIs from the company’s universal IoT security platform, QuarkLink, the solution creates a secure bridge between silicon, device, software, and solutions provider.

The company, which is based in London, UK, was co-founded by Dr Shahram Mossayebi (CEO), an expert in cryptosystems, and Dr Patrick Camilleri (CTO), a semiconductor designer with significant experience in complex parallel computer systems.

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