Crypto Quantique selected as a finalist in the cybersecurity category of the E&T (IET) Innovation Awards

One of only three finalists in this category.

LONDON, November 1st, 2021 — Crypto Quantique, a specialist in quantum-driven cyber security for the internet of things (IoT), has been named as a finalist in the prestigious E&T Innovation Awards. Crypto Quantique is one of only three finalists in the ‘Cybersecurity’ category and the company was chosen for its work in harnessing quantum tunnelling within semiconductors as the foundation for IoT device security.

E&T is the IET’s monthly magazine and website for professional engineers, with a circulation of approximately 140,000. The E&T Innovation Awards celebrate innovation in science, engineering, and technology. The awards are made a virtual ceremony on 25th November 2021 at 4-5pm (GMT).

Crypto Quantique is shortlisted for its semiconductor hardware IP, called QDID. QDID is a dedicated physical unclonable function (PUF) that can be used in standard CMOS processes. The PUF generates unique, immutable, and unforgeable identities and cryptographic keys (random numbers) inside silicon chips by measuring the tiny quantum tunnelling currents that pass through the oxide layer in the fabric of the semiconductors. With QDID, microcontrollers or ASICs have a mechanism for built-in fingerprinting and key generation. This eliminates key injection and the need to store identities and keys in memory. The technology protects the IoT devices in which the chips are used against cyberattacks attacks, even those that may come from future quantum computers.

The technology has been independently verified against all known IoT attack mechanisms and QDID enables semiconductor makers to more easily achieve + EAL4 security for their chips. QDID has also been awarded PSA Certified Level 2 Ready certification.

Shahram Mossayebi, the company’s CEO, said, “It’s a special moment to be named as a finalist for these prestigious awards. There is no more knowledgable UK organisation than the IET within the engineering community and it’s gratifying to have such an expert panel recognise our contribution to IoT security.”

About Crypto Quantique

Crypto Quantique has created the world’s most secure end-to-end IoT security platform. At its heart is the world’s first quantum-driven semiconductor hardware IP, called QDID, that generates multiple, unique, unforgeable cryptographic keys for devices manufactured using standard CMOS processes. The keys do not need to be stored and can be used independently by multiple applications on demand. When combined with cryptographic APIs from the company’s universal IoT security platform, QuarkLink, the solution creates a secure bridge between silicon, device, software, and solutions provider.

The company, which is based in London, UK, was co-founded by Dr Shahram Mossayebi (CEO), an expert in cryptosystems, and Dr Patrick Camilleri (VP Research & Innovation), a semiconductor designer with significant experience in complex parallel computer systems.

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