Crypto Quantique partners with Blaitek to enable quantum secure chip-to-cloud connection

QuarkLink embedded and cloud software platform provides secure connectivity to ensure companies are compliant with incoming EU legislation

London, UK – November 28, 2023 – Crypto Quantique, a leading quantum-safe cybersecurity solutions provider, is delighted to announce a strategic partnership with Blaitek, an AIOT smart-home technology company, as part of its strategic expansion in the Taiwan market.

This newly-formed commercial alliance is set to leverage the advanced capabilities of Crypto Quantique’s QuarkLink software, facilitating secure connectivity for businesses seeking to integrate IoT products and utilizes Blaitek’s cutting-edge (WiFi) technologies with cloud services. This collaboration presents a streamlined approach for customers to seamlessly incorporate innovative features into their products and conduct secure over-the-air updates throughout the entire life cycle of their devices. Notably, this is achieved without the need for substantial investment in engineering resources or acquiring in-depth knowledge of chip-to-cloud security.

Proactively anticipating the quantum computing era, Crypto Quantique is enhancing the resilience of QuarkLink through the integration of post-quantum cryptography. These quantum-resistant techniques are designed to ensure the sustained efficacy of security measures, even in the face of potential quantum-powered attacks.

In a landscape where over 20 countries worldwide are introducing stringent IoT security regulations, including the forthcoming EU Cyber Resilience Act, which mandates a baseline security level for compliance or risk financial penalties, Crypto Quantique’s chip-to-cloud IoT security emerges as a crucial solution. This not only ensures compliance with evolving regulations but also mitigates risks across global supply chains.

The collaboration between Crypto Quantique and Blaitek marks a significant stride toward providing robust, future-proof solutions in the rapidly evolving landscape of quantum-safe cybersecurity and IoT connectivity.

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Crypto Quantique is a leading provider of quantum-driven cybersecurity solutions. The company’s technology uses the latest advances in quantum physics to create new levels of security for IoT devices and networks. Crypto Quantique is headquartered in London, UK, and has offices in the US, Europe, and Taiwan.

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