Crypto Quantique Joins Silicon Catalyst In-Kind Partner Ecosystem Along with 2 Other European Companies

Alter Technology, Codasip & Crypto Quantique join Semiconductor Incubator.

Silicon Valley, California and London, United Kingdom, November 30, 2022 – Silicon Catalyst, the world’s only incubator focused exclusively on accelerating semiconductor solutions today announced three new In-Kind Partner (IKP) companies: Alter Technology TUV NORD UK, Codasip and Crypto Quantique. These IKPs will provide support to the companies in the Silicon Catalyst Incubator, further expanding the comprehensive ecosystem that enables early-stage companies to tap into the products and services available to enhance the growth of their companies.

The new IKP organizations include:

Alter Technology UK, a leading supplier of fast turnaround prototype assembly and volume packaging of Microelectronics and Photonics assembly for semiconductor devices

Codasip, the leader in customizable RISC-V processor IP

Crypto Quantique, a supplier of quantum-driven hardware root-of-trust design IP

Silicon Catalyst has built an ecosystem of unrivalled support for semiconductor start-ups, granting privileged access to EDA design tools, silicon foundry runs and intellectual property. The incubator provides networking, path to funding and expert business acumen to successfully launch and drive growth. This announcement further highlights the regional importance and focus from Silicon Catalyst for innovative In-Kind Partners to enable business growth for the Portfolio Companies in the incubator.

Sean Redmond, Silicon Catalyst UK remarked, “We are relentlessly expanding our ecosystem to serve the best semiconductor start-ups in the industry. Our Portfolio Companies do not need to compromise on any choice they need to make by getting access to exactly what is required to be successful as globally scaling semiconductor companies. We are delighted to welcome Alter Technology, Codasip and Crypto Quantique to our In-Kind Partner program, enhancing our ability to provide flexible and scalable device packaging, application-specific RISC-V processors and root-of-trust design IP solutions to support the product needs of the innovative companies in our Incubator.”

Alter Technology TÜV Nord UK Ltd has started volume production of plastic encapsulated QFN chip packages in the UK. Most of the semiconductor packaging is currently taking place in sizeable out-sourced assembly and test (OSAT) production lines in Asia, so the Alter plant in Livingston, Scotland, offers a significant capability in the UK. Traditionally UK semiconductor packaging has been centred on low volumes using ceramic and metal packages with batch sizes restricted to 100s of devices packaged in a sequential pattern. The change to this lower-cost and high-volume compatible plastic package technology signifies a 90% decrease in cost and facilitates several thousands to tens of thousands of devices per batch. Alter UK also offer advanced packaging processes and solutions for custom photonics components.

Stephen Duffy, Chief Executive Officer of Alter Technology TÜV Nord UK Ltd said, “Silicon Catalyst’s Portfolio Companies are all on a trajectory to ship large volume semiconductor devices to their global customer base. Being able to work closely with them through their prototype packaging needs all the way to their low-cost large volume packaging final production shipments is a great opportunity for us to work with those startups that we are confident will succeed”.

Codasip is the leader in customizable RISC-V processor IP. With their Codasip Studio customization tools, chip designers can create highly differentiated application-specific RISC-V processor design IP.

Ron Black, CEO, Codasip, commented, “Many semiconductor startups are now struggling to achieve performance gains from scaling semiconductors to smaller nodes. Early adopters of application-specific IP design are seeing the benefits of tailoring their processors to their target markets. Our RISC-V processor design IP combined with the customization capabilities of Codasip Studio enables them to make significant performance gains.”

Crypto Quantique is an IoT security pioneer that has combined cryptography and quantum physics to develop security products that drive end-to-end security and unlock scalability for IoT networks.

Dr. Shahram Mossayebi, CEO and Co-Founder of Crypto Quantique said, “We are delighted to join Silicon Catalyst as part of the In-Kind Partner program, aiming to bring enhanced IoT device security for startups and scale-ups. Our QDID design IP, which has been independently verified as robust against all known cyberattack mechanisms, measures quantum effects occurring in the fabric of silicon wafers to produce unique, unforgeable identities and cryptographic keys on-demand inside chip designs. The identities and keys create roots-of-trust for the chips used in IoT devices and edge nodes. QDID is a second-generation physical unclonable function (PUF) that eliminates key injection and the requirement to store keys in device memories.”

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Crypto Quantique      
John Hartley, Chief Commercial Officer.

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Sean Redmond, Managing Partner, Silicon Catalyst UK

This press release was originally posted on the Silicon Catalyst website which can be found here – Silicon Catalyst Expands In-Kind Partner Ecosystem with 3 UK-based Companies — Silicon Catalyst