Crypto Quantique joins RISC-V International as a strategic member to provide advanced security for the RISC-V IoT ecosystem  

Becoming a voice of influence in the RISC-V technical direction for security.

LONDON, August 16th, 2022 — Crypto Quantique, a specialist in quantum-driven cyber security for the internet of things (IoT), announces it is now a strategic member of RISC-V International. 

RISC-V is a free and open ISA enabling a new era of processor innovation through open standard collaboration. Becoming a strategic member includes such benefits as having a voice in the RISC-V technical direction discussions, enhanced and accelerated development around RISC-V, and enabling a new era of processor innovation. 

Shahram Mossayebi and Calista Redmond, CEO of RISC-V International

QDID, which has been independently verified as robust against all known cyberattack mechanisms, measures quantum effects occurring in the fabric of silicon wafers to produce unique, unforgeable identities and cryptographic keys on-demand inside microcontrollers and application-specific integrated circuits (ASICs). The identities and keys create roots-of-trust for the chips used in IoT devices and edge nodes. QDID is a second-generation physical unclonable function (PUF) that eliminates key injection and the requirement to store keys in device memories. It fits in the security framework embraced by the RISC-V architecture. 

QuarkLink is an end-to-end IoT security software technology. It works with QDID or other roots-of-trust to provide secure provisioning, automated onboarding to on-premises or cloud platforms, security monitoring, and certificate and key renewal or revocation. With QuarkLink, a few keystrokes can connect thousands of IoT devices to servers automatically through cryptographic APIs. 

Shahram Mossayebi, Crypto Quantique’s CEO added, “We’re incredibly excited to join RISC-V International as a strategic member to bring enhanced IoT device security to an innovative open-source instruction set architecture. Our recent partnerships in the RISC-V ecosystem will lead us to the democratisation of security and compute in future designs.” 

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About Crypto Quantique 

Crypto Quantique has created the world’s most secure end-to-end IoT security platform. At its heart is the world’s first quantum-driven semiconductor hardware IP, called QDID, that generates multiple, unique, unforgeable cryptographic keys for devices manufactured using standard CMOS processes. The keys do not need to be stored and can be used independently by multiple applications on demand. When combined with cryptographic APIs from the company’s universal IoT security platform, QuarkLink, the solution creates a secure bridge between silicon, device, software, and solutions provider.  

The company, which is based in London, UK, was co-founded by Dr. Shahram Mossayebi (CEO), an expert in cryptosystems, and Dr. Patrick Camilleri (VP Research & Innovation), a semiconductor designer with significant experience in complex parallel computer systems. 

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