Silicon Catalyst

The Silicon Catalyst Group is a venture-funded startup accelerator program that specializes in funding and mentoring early-stage companies that are developing products and technologies using silicon technology. The accelerator program provides startups with access to funding, equipment, lab space, and mentorship from industry experts to help them bring their ideas to fruition. The main focus is on startups that are developing new technologies and applications in the fields of silicon-based electronics, including semiconductors, memory, power devices, sensors, and other areas.

Silicon Catalyst and Crypto Quantique

Crypto Quantique is part of the Silicon Catalyst group in-kind partnership since 2022. Silicon Catalyst provides a variety of benefits to its member companies, including:

  • Access to funding: Startups that are accepted into the accelerator program may be eligible to receive funding from Silicon Catalyst’s investment partners.
  • Equipment and lab space: Companies are provided with access to the necessary equipment and lab space to develop and test their products.
  • Mentorship and networking: Silicon Catalyst provides mentorship and networking opportunities for startups to connect with industry experts and other startups.
  • Technical and business guidance: Companies are provided with technical and business guidance from Silicon Catalyst’s staff and mentor network to help them bring their products to market.
  • Marketing and sales support: Companies are provided with marketing and sales support, including assistance with developing business plans, product positioning, and market analysis.
  • International exposure: Companies are given opportunity to participate in global events, helping to increase visibility and gain exposure to potential customers, partners and investors.

These benefits are designed to help startups overcome the challenges of starting a new venture and increase their chances of success.


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Silicon Catalyst

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