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Macronix and Crypto Quantique

A Partnership with Macronix and Crypto Quantique has led to the addition of the QuarkLink IoT security management platform to the Macronix ArmorFlash ecosystem. This will enable Macronix to offer its customers an end-to-end security solution for provisioning, onboarding, and lifetime management of IoT devices that use its secure memory.

ArmorFlash memory exploits a Physical Unclonable Function (PUF) to create unique, immutable and unclonable identities for the Macronix chips. These unique identities underpin a secure element within ArmorFlash solutions. This is the memory’s root-of-trust.

Using Crypto Quantique’s QuarkLink, the complexities of cryptography that underpin secure IoT communications are fully automated. A simple, intuitive user interface enables secure onboarding of thousands of IoT devices to their chosen cloud service provider within minutes. No cryptographic expertise is needed to understand the complexities of credential management when connecting to a cloud-based server. Also, there is no need to develop the complex embedded software that would be needed to manage cryptographic keys and certificates, which could take months of engineering resources.

The QuarkLink platform securely connects the ArmorFlash root-of-trust to applications and services running on in-house or cloud-based servers. The platform facilitates device provisioning, onboarding, and lifetime management, including firmware updates, certificate renewal and device revocation.

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