Industry: IoT

Extracting Cryptographic Keys From Fuzzy Sources

By Amit Deo, PhD and Senior Cryptography Researcher. Amit takes us through methods for extracting cryptographic keys from fuzzy sources.

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Embedded Engineer

Want a new challenge? Join us at Crypto Quantique as an Embedded Engineer working on the future of IoT security.

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Report a Security Vulnerability

Report a security vulnerability to Crypto Quantique.

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What is a Random Number?

Charlie Grover, PhD and Cryptographer at Crypto Quantique, explains what a random number really is, and is it truly random?

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The Importance of Authentication

By Charlie Grover, PhD, Cryptography Researcher for Crypto Quantique

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How to use Fingerprints for Cryptography

Amit Deo, PhD and Senior Cryptography Researcher at Crypto Quantique, explains the benefits and drawbacks of PUF authentication.

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Innovation in IoT security secures three Elektra Awards for Crypto Quantique

Winner of Start-up Electronics Business of the Year, Semiconductor Product of the Year (Analogue), and Internet-of-Things Product of the Year.

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Crypto Quantique is the ‘Cybersecurity’ winner at the IET’s E&T Innovation Awards

The company is honoured for its work in harnessing quantum tunnelling within semiconductors as the foundation of IoT device security.

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Crypto Quantique and EPS Global Named as ‘Partners of the Month’ as Part of the Renesas Ready Partner Network

QuarkLink enables Renesas secure MCU customers to accelerate time-to-market.

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Seamless cloud connectivity demonstration using an STM32 MCU

In this video, Chris Jones, Principal Security Solutions Specialist at Crypto Quantique takes you through just how easy it is to connect a device to the…

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