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Renesas x QuarkLink demo

See how simple QuarkLink is to use with this demonstration with Renesas RA Series MCUs.

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QDID: Quantum-driven hardware root-of-trust

Learn about PUFs, why they’re important – and how QDID compares to others on the market.

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IoT Security Foundation: Secure Design Best Practice Guides

Discover essential advice from the IoTSF on how to secure IoT products and systems by design.

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Crypto Quantique joins the IoT Security Foundation to help advance security for the Internet of Things

Crypto Quantique joins the IoT Security Foundation to promote chip-to-cloud security

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Scalable IoT Security Enabled by EPS Global and Crypto Quantique Strategic Partnership

Crypto Quantique partners with global programming house for IoT security

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Silex Insight partners with Crypto Quantique to deliver end-to-end IoT security

IoT security platform works with eSecure root-of-trust modules from Silex Insight

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Renesas to adopt Crypto Quantique’s QuarkLink security platform as part of its microcontroller ecosystem for the IoT

About Renesas adding an IoT security management platform to its security microcontroller ecosystem

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IoT security platform delivers fast, comprehensive connectivity and device management for any root-of-trust

How an IoT security management platform can be used with a variety of roots-of-trust

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Securing the Internet of Things in a Quantum World

The threat to IoT security posed by quantum computing and how it can be alleviated

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Cyber-security and smart cities

An article on IoT security requirements for smart cities

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