Quantum Driven Cybersecurity

We have solved one of the world's biggest cybersecurity problems by combining quantum technologies with modern cryptography to provide a unified end-to-end security for the internet of things.


Our security foundation comprises two key innovations:


  • The first-ever quantum driven secure chip design – our IP can be integrated into current silicon design and manufacturing processes.

  • State of the art cryptographic APIs and a Key Management solution to provide end-to-end security from the device to the network.

Quantum Driven Secure Architecture

Crypto Quantique’s ground-breaking secure chip design, harnesses the effects of quantum tunneling, or the ability of electrons to leak through the gates of transistors, to obtain completely random cryptographic keys from the measurement of ultra-low currents.  The core technology (Quantum Identifier) is patented and is a world first.


The technology is proven, with substantial in-house testing and external (NIST) benchmarks.  Crypto Quantique is currently on their third version of the chip, which far exceeds any current technology that addresses and/or derives keys from hardware direct. 

Quantum Tunnelling derives unique keys direct from silicon

Key Features

  • High entropy: Our technology offers true randomness and unique keys for every device.

  • Plug-and-play: Designed for use with conventional CMOS materials

  • Cost-effective: Our solution requires less silicon area and no complex correction codes.

  • Zero-touch security: We do not require secure key injection or key storage

  • End-to-end security: Our Key Management infrastructure enables the best security from device to IoT network.

  • Hardware/Microcontroller unit independent. Our architecture is independent of all other blocks and on-board systems.


Key Management System

Our Key Management Server (KMS) is an integral part of our concept of end-to-end security. It's involved in the entire lifecycle of a device in respect of its identity (from birth to death).  


Crypto Quantique technology ensures the private keys are never stored and are known only to the device.


Our process for deriving the primary device identity greatly simplifies the manufacturing process as cryptographic keys are generated on-demand by the device itself, and not through key injection.


A key differentiator for our architecture is that the customer is can manage their own enrolment process.



For enterprises, the KMS can be deployed in house or in the cloud (e.g. Microsoft Azure, AWS, Alibaba Cloud) giving full ownership and control of device security.


Once a device is securely onboard, basic security tasks such as secure data in transit, device attestation, securing data at rest, mutual authentication, and secure boot can be easily performed through our cryptographic APIs.

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