Unlocking IoT Security: Crypto Quantique Introduces QuarkLink Ignite – A Free IoT Security SaaS Platform

Crypto Quantique announces QuarkLink Ignite, a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) platform that enables developers and engineers to achieve secure connectivity…

London, UK – September 26, 2023 – Crypto Quantique, a leading provider of quantum-based security for the Internet of Things (IoT), today announced QuarkLink Ignite, a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) platform that enables developers and engineers to achieve unparalleled security and connectivity free-of-charge for up to 50 ESP32 devices.

QuarkLink Ignite is a powerful toolset that allows developers and engineers to explore chip-to-cloud security in a zero-trust environment with ease. QuarkLink Ignite enables both companies and individuals to execute IoT device provisioning, onboarding, and management of IoT devices. This democratisation of security makes advanced security accessible to a wide audience. Using QuarkLink Ignite does not require detailed knowledge of cryptography or other technical aspects of security.

Shahram Mossayebi, Co-Founder and CEO of Crypto Quantique, said: “At Crypto Quantique, we are passionate about security, and we understand the challenges of getting it right. We recognised the need for a unified model that addresses chip-to-cloud security comprehensively, bridging the gaps in the existing IoT security landscape. The platform’s ability to support ESP32 hardware, enable over-the-air update testing, and provide a zero-cost security evaluation showcases Crypto Quantique’s commitment to democratizing security and propelling the IoT industry forward.”

QuarkLink Ignite launches with three key pillars:

Tailored to support the popular ESP32 Hardware: QuarkLink Ignite is tailored to support the popular ESP32 hardware, making it a versatile solution for developers and engineers seeking to enhance their device security and connectivity capabilities. There will be a roadmap for more devices to be added to the Ignite program over the coming months.

Over-the-Air Update Testing: With QuarkLink Ignite, users can seamlessly test over-the-air updates, streamlining the evaluation of updates’ impact on security and performance.

Zero-Cost Security Evaluation: QuarkLink Ignite offers a zero-cost pathway for individuals and companies to grasp the intricacies of chip-to-cloud security. It empowers users to understand the value that QuarkLink brings to their workflows before making a financial commitment.

By addressing the needs of developers and companies who wish to securely connect fewer devices, QuarkLink Ignite serves as a vital tool for evaluating the effectiveness of device management functionalities.

It is expected that a diverse audience, including companies, developers, students, and hobbyist engineers will make use of QuarkLink Ignite. This initiative not only simplifies processes for companies but also empowers individuals to up skill in secure connectivity practices and create a safer IoT environment.

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Crypto Quantique is a leading provider of quantum-driven cybersecurity solutions. The company’s technology uses the latest advances in quantum physics to create new levels of security for IoT devices and networks. Crypto Quantique is headquartered in London, UK, and has offices in the US, Europe, and Taiwan.

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