Renesas is the world’s largest auto semiconductor and MCU manufacturer providing technology solutions for consumer electronics, automotive, IIoT, and smart homes and cities.

Renesas and Crypto Quantique

​Crypto Quantique and Renesas have partnered to integrate QuarkLink™’s automated device onboarding and management into the Renesas RA Ecosystem. This enables Renesas to deliver devices to deploy at high scale, quickly and securely.

Using Crypto Quantique’s proven cryptographic APIs, the QuarkLink platform enables Renesas customers to rapidly and securely connect the roots-of-trust embedded in their microcontrollers to servers.

Thousands of devices can be automatically onboarded within seconds, overcoming the scalability challenges presented by alternative solutions, without compromising security.

QuarkLink supports devices that use Renesas’ Secure Cryptographic Engine (SCE) and Trusted Secure IP (TSIP) blocks across the RA, RX and RZ microcontroller families.

QuarkLink x Renesas RA Ecosystem demonstration

Watch our universal IoT security platform QuarkLink provision and onboard with Renesas RA series MCUs.

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