ZARIOT is an award-winning cellular IoT connectivity provider that aims to create secure, dynamic, and customizable solutions, delivered through its in-house technical expertise and growing ecosystem of partners.

By opening its network to innovation, it provide the necessary tools to add features and flexibility to fully support your IoT offering, all while ensuring security and regulatory compliance remains at the heart of any solution.


ZARIOT and Crypto Quantique

​Crypto Quantique and ZARIOT have partnered to offer cellular IoT capability.

ZARIOT and Crypto Quantique’s partnership brings the benefits of innovation available in general IP connectivity, natively into the cellular ecosystem.

ZARIOT utilize the crypto properties derived from GSMA’s IoT-SAFE in a novel way to produce a non-volatile root-of-trust (RoT) environment, that can create & securely store the CQ certificates.

The SIM is the RoT for the global trillion-dollar telecoms industry and ZARIOT have now, for the first time enabled, access to Crypto Quantique’s technology on what is a free resource for any cellular connected device; by piggy backing on the certified manufacturing and SIM management security programs of the GSMA and using ZARIOT’s SIM integration skills. ZARIOT can now offer Crypto Quantique’s QuarkLink™ cyber security platform, which provides data protection, device lifecycle management, simple onboarding and volume provisioning for your cellular IoT solution.

  1. With its SIM manufacturer partner, Kigen, ZARIOT securely provision original cryptographic keys to the SIM, either during manufacture, or alternatively over the air, so giving access to the solution even for existing deployments.
  2. On device initialization the Crypto Quantique client securely utilizes the identity private key on the SIM to enrol to QuarkLink™
  3. QuarkLink™ then uses that trusted information to identify and authenticate your device. Registering it on to your cloud platform or data centre equipment.
  4. Simultaneously, QuarkLink™ triggers the SIM to regenerate unique device keys to further protect the device. This regeneration is repeated at regular configurable and ongoing intervals. Effectively meaning any hacker trying to break the encryption would have to start again.
  5. Once this zero-touch onboarding is complete, your device can securely transmit its information in the knowledge it is secure.