We work with leading semiconductor manufacturers and designers to offer a secure hardware root-of-trust and an easy-to-use IoT security platform that works with any root-of-trust.

The world’s most secure and easy-to-use root-of-trust

As the hardware component of Q:Architecture™, QDID™ delivers a high-entropy hardware root-of-trust generated using quantum-driven techniques. It harnesses quantum tunnelling effects within a chip’s silicon composition to create unforgeable identities to authenticate devices.

Semiconductor designers and manufacturers get a better ROI on silicon due to reduced costs of components and improved space usage (all achieved with a standard CMOS). This also eliminates need for expensive third-party key injection. These cost efficiencies can increase device competitiveness and drive scalability.

Easy security deployment across IoT devices

QDID provides the secure hardware root-of-trust to build into IoT devices. However, QDID’s software counterpart QuarkLink™ can also integrate with any existing root-of-trust.

QuarkLink makes provisioning, onboarding and monitoring manageable from a single interface. It enables easy security setup without needing deep cybersecurity expertise.

QuarkLink integrates with any root-of-trust to offer high security. But QuarkLink and QDID used together provide the highest standard of IoT security.

Easy end-to-end security management

From chip to cloud, Crypto Quantique enables highly secure IoT devices to deliver value at scale.

We work with leading semiconductor manufacturers, designers and programmers to integrate our security architecture and strengthen IoT devices, providing their customers with valuable advantage. They can scale up their devices ecosystems and go to market faster with end-to-end security, from chip to end-user application.

End-to-end security increases scalability with Q:Architecture

Crypto Quantique provides two complementary yet independent product innovations – QDID and QuarkLink – to provide end-to-end device security quickly and easily with minimal need for cybersecurity expertise.

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