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Our IoT security architecture lowers costs, increases scalability and accelerates time to market. We serve a range of industries that produce and use billions of IoT devices to protect their customers from advancing security threats.

Industrial IoT security

Smart manufacturing needs stable end-to-end security that can be scaled at speed.

As more IoT devices enter manufacturing plants, the data they capture and share is at risk. Sensors, actuators, robotics, and control and monitoring systems of IIoT are vulnerable to hacking, tampering and cyberattacks.

Security workarounds aren’t the answer – they’re complex, costly and limit opportunities for the digital transformation of industry.

Q:Architecture™ can help. We provide the secure quantum-driven hardware root-of-trust to strongly protect IoT devices. Our architecture can onboard and manage thousands of devices without needing specialist expertise.

IoT security for smart cities

Embed end-to-end security that supports our economies, environment and everyday life.

IoT devices have the potential to transform public life, from futureproofing infrastructural projects to maintaining our streets, offices and utilities.

To build a smart city, you need to connect thousands of IoT devices that capture and share data about their surroundings – and they must be invulnerable to novel security threats. One weak link in your IoT system compromises trust and leads to unwanted costs.

Q:Architecture gives you the keys to the smart city. You can equip IoT devices with a secure hardware root-of-trust and the IoT security management platform that not only protects devices but unlocks scalability. More safe, cost-effective devices mean more opportunities to advance society.

IoT security for automotive

Automotive IoT networks require secure devices for fleet and asset management, vehicle-to-everything cellular connectivity (CV2X), assisted and autonomous driving, and even in-car entertainment.

Automotive production is often fragmented across different sites where components are created and pieced together. End-to-end security gives creators and consumers safety and reliability for a better end-product, and guarantees the integrity of supply-chains.

Q:Architecture provides a secure hardware root-of-trust that protects customer IP and safety-critical systems while its easy device onboarding and security management makes scaling IoT ecosystems a reality.

IoT security for health and medical devices

Cyberattacks can be a matter of life or death. Manufacturers of connected devices share a responsibility to protect patient privacy and safety – keeping costs and liability low.

Healthcare needs the highest end-to-end security and scalability possible to protect sensitive medical data and provide the highest standard of care.

Q:Architecture’s secure hardware root-of-trust and easy, secure onboarding and security management platform delivers the safest, most resilient combination for IoT device security.

Q:Architecture transforms industries

Our architecture secures IoT devices to unlock the scalability needed to deliver new opportunities.

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IoT security for smart homes and consumers

Billions of connected devices furnish our private lives, from smart home appliances to wearable technology.

Discerning consumers are waking up to the imperative of having the highest security for their personal data. Manufacturers must curb the counterfeiting of products and components, ruining reputation and their bottom line.

Investing in cost-effective quantum-based cybersecurity solutions communicates to customers that brands care about data protection and product integrity.

IoT security for communications and networks

Networks that relay sensitive information and handle large amounts of private data are at the mercy of hackers.

The bigger and more complex the network, the more likely a weak link in the security chain can emerge. End-to-end security is imperative to remove the opportunity for cyberattacks to undermine data and network connections. With our architecture, not even a quantum computer can break in.

IoT security for systems integrators

Simplify end-to-end security for your customers.

System integrators can help customers gain stronger security over their IoT devices with one-stop-shop IoT security.

Q:Architecture is made up of two independent, complementary products: QDID™, the silicon-based hardware root-of-trust, and QuarkLink™, the universal IoT security platform. These integrate with IoT devices to increase security, unlock scalability and drive further revenue opportunities.

End-to-end security increases scalability with Q:Architecture

Crypto Quantique delivers two complementary yet independent product innovations – QDID and QuarkLink – to provide end-to-end device security quickly and easily with no cybersecurity expertise needed.

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