At Crypto Quantique, we put our people at the forefront of what we do. We embrace diversity, empathy, respect, fairness, career growth, and work-life balance.

Investing in people underpins our philosophy for success

Leading-edge technology is just part of our story. Our innovation will only succeed with a bias for action and a commitment to teamwork, whether you are working in our offices or remotely. Leading-edge talent and commitment are equally essential.

We treat every colleague with the utmost respect

We are fair and transparent to each other, and ensure we create a pleasant and healthy work environment, physically and virtually.

We invest in people to be the best that they can be, always improving our skills, and we understand that every person has individual needs. We are flexible, adapting to personal circumstances, and respecting and embracing cultural diversity. This benefits everyone. And we are always open to helping each other in any way we can.

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We thrive when delivering against big challenges

We focus on leading-edge technology to solve problems that affect large parts of the market.

With a thirst for excellence, we seek to inspire our people to deliver their best work and be proud of what they do. We don’t fear constructive conflict and there is no hierarchy or status quo that prevents us from challenging assumptions. Whatever is best for our customers and our company, that’s what we do, taking tough decisions when we need to.

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If we are not bringing something new to the market, we are focusing on the wrong things

Innovation means many things: a willingness to learn, tolerance of failure, openness to doing things differently, and inventiveness.

We invest in new ideas that prove useful, we look at familiar problems from new angles, challenge prevailing assumptions and suggest better approaches. When we fail, we learn then move forward to success. We believe that creating new and disruptive things is better than only focussing on marginal improvements. And we avoid reinventing the wheel.

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A bias for action produces the agility we need to win

We keep things simple, avoiding bureaucracy and over-planning so that we can move quickly and with purpose.

Direct interactions minimize ambiguity, so we make better business decisions and value individuals over processes and tools. Calculated risks take precedence over analysis paralysis, then speed and agility deliver a competitive advantage for our customers and our business.

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Team wins are wins for our customers, our company, and individual contributors

No matter how talented the individual, effective teamwork is the path to success.

Our people value constructive criticism and treat everyone as they like to be treated. We trust that everyone is delivering their best work, valuing integrity and transparency in everything we do. This creates a healthy, positive environment in which we win as a team and celebrate joint achievements, rather than solo wins.

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Join a winning team making the world a safer place

Cyber-attacks are some of the greatest threats to society. We’re securing the IoT to minimize those threats. If you want to help, check our job openings and share your credentials.

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