ST Microelectronics and Crypto Quantique

STMicroelectronics (Geneva) is a global semiconductor manufacturer. STM32 MCUs form a key part of the company’s diverse semiconductor range, particularly for IoT applications.

ST Microelectronics and Crypto Quantique

Crypto Quantique and ST Microelectronics have partnered to integrate QuarkLink™’s automated device onboarding and management into the STM32 family of MCU’s Ecosystem and the ST SAFE family of secure elements. This enables ST Microelectronics to deliver devices to deploy at high scale, quickly and securely.

Using Crypto Quantique’s proven cryptographic APIs, the QuarkLink platform enables ST Microelectronics’ customers to rapidly and securely connect the roots-of-trust embedded in their microcontrollers to servers.
Thousands of devices can be automatically onboarded within minutes, overcoming the scalability challenges presented by alternative solutions, without compromising security.

QuarkLink supports devices across their STM32 family of 32bit MCU’s that include security features including SFI, and the ST SAFE family of secure elements.

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