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Streamlined security solution for industrial devices, that meets EU Cyber Resilience Act .

The business case for security

Don’t lose access to $272 Billion EU IoT market!


CE Mark Compliance

QuarkLink lets IoT OEMs quickly and cost-effectively meet security standards required by the EU’s Cyber Resilience Act (CRA).

QuarkLink embeds and simplifies the cryptography needed to meet the CRA’s individual device trust requirements.

Find out more: Download Guide to CRA

Fast and cost-effective

Avoid the time-consuming, costly and high-risk in-house implementation of security. QuarkLink’s SDK and Cloud are tailored to the needs of IoT OEMs, making implementation fast and reliable.

QuarkLink streamlines the complex and error-prone process of embedding certificates onto devices, a requirement set by CRA for establishing trusted device identities

Minimize impact on BOM

By bundling a complete set of security tools into one solution, QuarkLink minimises increases to cost when implementing CRA compliance security.

QuarkLink’s solution is 10-15x less expensive than issuing certificates using a custom workflow using Amazon AWS’ private certificate authority.

Intel ignite Backs QuarkLink to Deliver CRA Compliance

Kevin Crain, CTO, Intel ignite

Kevin Crain - Intel Ignite

IoT Device Management Built for Ease of Deployment

Cost Saving Private Certificate Authority

Cost-Effective x509 Certificates: Reduce expenses without sacrificing security. QuarkLink’s Private CA offers a more economical solution compared to public CAs like Amazon, providing affordable yet robust x509 certificates tailored for IoT devices.

Full Control Over Security: Own your IoT device security with QuarkLink’s Private CA. Have complete authority over security protocols, ensuring that your devices are safeguarded.

Zero Trust Architecture: QuarkLink’s Private CA employs a Zero Trust model, ensuring no secrets are shared externally. Each device interaction is securely managed based on its public identity, fortifying your network against external vulnerabilities.

User-Friendly Security Management: QuarkLink’s Private CA is designed for simplicity in managing advanced cryptographic protocols. This feature allows for secure certificate storage and streamlined security management, even for users without extensive cryptography expertise.

Works With All Cloud Providers

Two-Click Migration: Change cloud providers with just two clicks through QuarkLink’s streamlined process.

Cloud-Specific Settings: QuarkLink simplifies configuring devices for any cloud provider, ensuring easy adaptability.

Effortless Cloud Switching: Quickly move between cloud services with minimal hassle using QuarkLink.

Secure Firmware Over the Air

Secure Firmware Updates Over-the-Air: QuarkLink ensures secure firmware updates with the right signatures and encryption, tailored for cloud and embedded systems.

Adaptive Security for Various Devices: QuarkLink automatically recognizes different device types and their respective signature requirements, simplifying security management.

Efficient SDK Integration: The QuarkLink SDK, easily compiled into device firmware, accelerates implementation and enhances security measures.

A network diagram of a cloud computing system

Fast-track getting your CE Mark

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